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LAMP Stack programmer in Los Angeles available to do non-adult sites

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Posted 18 February 2015 - 04:28 PM

Custom modifications work available, on request.


Here are some examples of modifications I've done to other similar video programs.


Please note that these modifications DO NOT refer to the current version of Media Share Suite.  This is NOT a list of problems.



This is a list of fixes I have done for OTHER programs.



If you would like to chat about your modifications, please send me a Personal Message.



Examples of modifications created for another client for other video software:


Add Videos Help text on add video to group pages
Channels Added sort to channels
Channels Remove mention of Channel membership in Group Home page.
Channels Update Runtime sort for Channels
Channels Upload Channel order fixed
Channels Upload Channels list now 2 columns for Firefox browsers only + Fixed ad positions + Youtube upload 1st step is private
Channels are in two columns:
Channels details – add description
Channels multiple ads cause problems with overrunning footer – solved with more intelligent bottom margin based on items per page
Channels sorts were not working 100%
Channels video count had errors because it included non-active and private videos in the count, but not showed these videos in the channel
Collections - Create a separate collection page for videos  with sortable, search, login, signup, errors all separately from the full video of PopModal
Collections – Create new dbase entry to prepare for new collection feature
Comments Need to fix broken delete comments
Comments delete broken after new comment mod install
Comments editor has bogus null value above the Edit and Cancel buttons
Comments in View Video page has some formatting errors
Comments pagination – no fix found, so set number of comments instead
Comments photos of users can get stretched if the user does not upload a 4:3 ratio photo
Comments text and image need slight adjustment to keep the comment member’s photo from overlapping the text
Email Message redo random image on left and format of email
Email Update to Message Details page
Email address often does not pass through to the compose page when you click to send an email
Email – buddy name not working and getting in the way of allowing the receiver name going to the compose email page
Embed for Nuevo player goes back to choosing thumb #1 instead of embed image
Encoding / Playback aspect ratio report
Friends Favorite Ffavour.php fails in pagination numbers
Friends Links in friends for Videos, Favourites and Friends not working
Friends Video Bug in program for obscure Friends Video Page
Friends Videos Fvideos.php fails in pagination numbers
Friends areas – fix thumbnails to be both photo of friend and nopic.  Previously the code had a bug and only allowed photo of friend or nopic.
Friends broken User Favorites link
Friends list sorting broken
Friends missing translatable words – status, checkbox, lists, videos, friends
Friends still not finding default image for no avatar accounts
Friends title and update Group page to show more videos and look more like Channels
Friends videos page numbers top and bottom - numbers do not appear if total videos fit into one page
Groups Add one more banner ad in right column of Groups Home if there are enough videos in the group
Groups Add sorts to Groups Home
Groups Added more info the the group videos.
Groups Adjust width of top shaded group summary in Group_home – it was too close to the ads
Groups Customized Group pages with new buttons, pop-up info, rearranged some css code and added pagination
Groups Fixed Groups.tpl to show dash between H1 groups title and category sort type
Groups Home menu had many errors – Fix all links
Groups Make it possible to use all thumbs to set as Group image
Groups Members page has odd large photo to that is not linked
Groups Members page updated to add members picture ID, links and slight format adjustment for info data
Groups Members was not showing member request pending and sorting by most members was incorrect
Groups Movie Trailers – Add sort by release dates,  Released just now, Coming soon, by year, etc.
Groups Remove Topic from Search Group Results
Groups Reversed order to now show newest to oldest for Group Home view
Groups Supected  bug - Edit Group navigation bar links
Groups Update Runtime sort for Group
Groups Videos Edit page controls updated to offer Thumb control
Groups Videos still had Edit button for videos that did not belong to the Group Owner
Groups Videos update - new features – Edit button & Private video status
Groups When Adding a video in groups it always bounces back to the first page of your videos,  making it difficult to add the next one.
Groups area detailed sorts update and group link fixes
Groups area updates:  Add attention warnings on all pages when there are videos needing approval
Groups area – links -  limit access for non-members – template header links changes
Groups area – pagination and translation language libraries update -  PHP files
Groups home video has too many new lines between title, ratings, views.
Groups – put user name created by on lower line and truncate it so it won’t run into the right column ad
Index Adjust Pan 5 area on main page
Index Also lowered the page count numbers to a lower row
Index Main page featured videos formatting is too lose tighten it up
Index Recently featured sort had problems counting the correct number of videos so pagination was off.  The last pages had no videos.
Index main page - Recently viewed Javascript area on main page is not picking the user selected thumbs.  It is always showing #1 thumb by default.
Language Some language links are so long they overrun the page numbering
Language Update Language translate for in and out box and invite friends error
Language for the View Video page
Login help links added
Logout Added Logout to top of Siteadmin page
Mail Changed mail notification for all pages to not show 0 if there are no emails
Members  Sort – Most Videos
Members Adjusting the avatar in the View_video template so the proportions are correct
Members images & Group navigation changes
Members sort count sometimes might be 0 and the count is wrong 1 to 1 of 0
Mobile page to include new features:
My Friends Videos multi-sort update mod
My Groups Edit page format adjusted and forum removed
My Groups Fixed My_group page to have Navigation back to Browse Groups
My Groups Fixed My_group.tpl to show ad on right
My Groups has misleading info about Group members – Remove this.
My Profile Add more menu control to My Profile and My Group
My Videos Update Runtime sort for My_Video
My Videos  - Make Remove button into Remove Video with red tint and move it to the right
My Videos Add new video info in My_videos page to include when it was last viewed, how many members have rated and favored the video.
My Videos Custom Thumbnail – Check for all video copies in HD and iPad on server.
My Videos Edit - Check for iPad video in ipodvideo directory and turn on the video for the Mobile page
My Videos Edit updated to show Channels in Columns
My Videos Edit – Check for different existing videos on the server.  Does HD or iPad video copy exist for a users video?
My Videos Embedded sort – Add new sub sorts within Embedded (finds all videos that are embedded from other sites)
My Videos Remove 0 ratings text from My Videos, gvideo  and Video
My Videos Update remove button position, notification pop-up and URL link box for My Favorites and My Playlist
MySQL Importing large MYSQL dbase resolved:
Navigation Tab menu left edge had format issue. Correct the css line up the tabs
Navigation Tab to main menu and make highlighting work when you go to that page
Playlist and favorite pages have incorrect owner links for videos
Preview HD video page
Preview iPad video page
Private Vidoes Update new fixes Private videos - login error jumps to update page - Viewed Profile link added on main page
Private Videos playing to friends only
Profile Make links in profile page work
Profile link cases - updated position of links and look
Profile view and edit versions – buttons now to move back and forth
Public Videos sort order was oldest first - last video page of collections had missing page numbering buttons
RSS Excess rss referral links in head1.tpl causing errors
RSS feeds for Groups and Channels and make the buttons appear in the groups and Channels pages
Recently Videwed Update sort options to include Recently Viewed on Videos.tpl and My_Videos.tpl
Recently Viewed Adjusted titles for IE browser Recently Viewed main page
Recover Password language update
Related Videos and user results in right column do not use user selected thumb choices, always defaults to thumb # 1
Related videos Conform Related and user videos in view_video right column to match color style for comments:
Search Add type of sort to the search Videos page and update sort links to match link names from other pages
Search Error in Siteadmin search for channels showing search for channels with single digits as showing  for all instances.
Search Fixed the custom pages searches from inside video.php to work correctly
Search Format adjust in Search Groups to solve created date overlap text
Search Google reports and speed improvements
Search Make search results show 20 per page instead of 40 per page
Search for user full name mod
Search function is buggy – Some changes to try to improve it:
Search results - Fixed ad placement
Search results ad, Friends Videos pages, User profile fixes
Search results pagination is wrong.  Detailed is not sticking to detailed when clicking another page button
Security Language selection causing 1 million + sessions per day, probably due to click fraud.  Fix this by making language only for members
Server Install ffmpeg to server
Server to Server transfer and ClipShare setup to Siteadmin Access
Signup Make all the signup links use a long file name to help stop forum spam
Signup Use Mod rewrite to obfuscate the path to the signup page.
Signup on or off option in Siteadmin System settings
Signup protect against throw away email domains and stop repeated username spammers
Site Change date to Month Day Year
Site Line returns for upload descriptions convert often to /n with no paragraph separation
Siteadmin 1st thumb control fixed and Generate 3 thumbs update
Siteadmin Channels / Edit – add Current Channel Order list to the bottom of each Channel Edit page
Siteadmin Channels – Allow control over Channel display order on the channel page
Siteadmin Index Bans IP list table headers are in the wrong column
Siteadmin Mod to Allow Access rights to custom features, per user
Siteadmin Video Collection – Featured option – Modify so the Siteadmin can reorder the featured videos on the top page to any order including videos from months or years ago
Siteadmin Videos Edit - New Feature Change Player_type from old style to new style – Variable per video and controlled by Siteadmin
Siteadmin View Video thumbs were too small – changed the format of the thumbs and brought up the Edit and Delete commands
Siteadmin alternating colors in video page
Siteadmin channel sort broken due to code error
Siteadmin format and feature updates for Users and Videos pages
Siteadmin static pages were not formatting all edit areas correctly Privacy.tpl was too wide breaking the siteadmin static page
Siteadmin user sort does not sort on email
Sitemap Added Sitemap and links that appear only if you are logged in
Sitemap Create custom sitemap page
Sitemap Generator errors out possibly due to large number of videos
Sitemap submission to Google
Sorts queries that work for Groups:
Speed optimize with optimized .css and .js files and move the call of style.css to the top of templates
Tags Adjust size of Popular & Recent tags:
Tags Fix junk tags by stipping them out in Upload.php
Tags have issues – Often say used 0 times and font sizes
Tags number of channels and characters allows
Templates Added page numbering top and bottom and ad insertion right column. Similar fix as above.
Thumbnails from View Video page for Facebook News Feed
Thumbnails Add pop-up enlarge for detailed video list thumbs
Thumbnails Add rotation to group home  and channel detail thumbnails
Thumbnails Added thumb rotation to search results
Thumbnails Added thumbnail to video playback to help facebook embed find a thumb
Thumbnails Changed Thumb sizes
Thumbnails Fixed thumbnails appearing in Users Friends pages
Thumbnails Generate 3 Random thumbs upgrade
Thumbnails Some thumbs were not showing as the selected thumbs on some video collection pages
Thumbnails Update thumbs Advanced Thumb Controls
Thumbnails formats have problems to handle extra tall thumbs that come in from various sources – Some adjustments to help
Thumbnails limit fixed - MySql update
Thumbnails standardize – Top page Featured, Video, View Video – make all thumbs correct format instead of forced 4:3
Translate Add translate text to Index main page for small links Videos and Channels
Translation Language errors for Runtime fixed
URL Added a textarea that allows users to see the code for the URL for each video better.
Update - Comments photo squished, Chinese Groups sort order
Upload Add go to videos after Download success with upload YouTube page.
Upload Duration of uploaded video from Yahoo problem
Upload HD video page
Upload Success page changes and bug fix other language users could not see YouTube Upload Success
Upload URL button and description text update
Upload iPad Video page
Upload issues – Youtube embed errors & wrong code for fade out buttons
Upload page bold italic underline were not working
Upload success - Added My Videos link
Upload success page has link errors in result links
User Age formula is off and causing people to be one year younger
User Favorites Link of  ‘from:  user’ in ufavour.tpl is broken
User Favorites does not have page buttons
User Groups formatting – getting the ad correctly positioned on the right
User Playlist and others do not show the correct owner for videos
User Profile / View Video pages PM links – Spammers use the PM (private messages) to send promo emails to everyone with links to their sites.  Fix this by limiting the sending of PM to members in good standing.
User Videos sorting was by adddate and not video ID VID
User Videos – 2nd page + for private videos fails and goes back to public videos
User details restricted for non-members Playlist sort update
User profile to message failed to move member name to the To: box
User videos add sorts for public and private areas
User videos and my_videos add mouse over enlarge for detailed views
User videos fails in pagination numbers
Video Player Aspect ratio for uploaded videos - playback not correct – options
Videos Add videos page counting was off.  It was not finding all the videos belonging to the user
Videos Basic and Detailed does not keep the sort type or pagination
Videos Change Button in header - Watch to Videos
Videos Descriptions Fixed /n appearing in descriptions
Videos Fixed top flash preview videos being watched now - text cut-off in IE
Videos Latest videos on main page had very tight margins for the text under the Thumbnails
Videos Limit the size of description in Video Detailed view but not in My Video or in the player page for each video.
Videos Number of items per page & Removing page numbering if there is only one page
Videos Page links customized and added top and bottom links
Videos Pagination adjustment to all non-main video pages – limit to 10 per page:
Videos Pagination not fully added to minor pages like friends and ufriends
Videos Random Channels on top page are sometimes squeezed
Videos Rating math needs updating
Videos Update video button - small change
Videos Username gets too long sometimes in Video page and goes under the ad.
Videos Video added dates and times mod to show seconds, minutes, minute,  days, day, hours, hour, months, month and years, year and fraction of years… instead of just  seconds, minutes, hours, days (all plural)
Videos Watch Videos top pagination numbers position fixed
Videos and template so changing between basic / detailed and pages does not lose the category sort
Videos link added to top welcome bar - Buttons added to My Profile and Viewed Profile
View Video Change tab colors for View video Related and User
View Video Create additional view player type in MYSql and add this option to the Clip-share site view player pages
View Video Make the Title under the view video wider to match the new 560 width
View Video Math to get 4:3 and widescreen original content to look exactly right on PopModal player playback
View Video New custom method test to fix widescreen playback
View Video New embedded videos cause the view video format to change
View Video Page has comments link in the title bar that no longer is needed because new style comments are installed below.
View Video Views in User section of View Video were incorrect.  They pulled from the videos in related.
View Video ad overwrites top title if title is two lines long – (not implemented)
View Video allow users to only vote on other member’s videos and not on their own
View Video counter so it only ads playlist counts to logged in members
View Video fix browser issues by checking for browser type
View Video page - Comment code date in player has no space between year number and years “2years”
View Video page member’s name can be so long that it overwrites the area to the right
View Video right column was being covered with wide videos – Fix this with css in style in the page
View Video tweaks - Adjust comments background colors  and widths. Fix the look of the title under the video.
View Video user videos bottom right section now random
View Videos Detailed view videos add more link for description over 224 characters
Web Embed Update video playback and embed sizes

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